The best cardiovascular care out there.

All of our patients have access to the award-winning and nationally recognized St. Joseph’s Health Cardiovascular Institute. The top cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, heart disease experts and vascular specialists in the region — as well as the latest technology and treatment — are all available to the Rome community.

A Partnership That’s Good for the Hearts of Our Community

Affiliated physicians.

The higher level of care that drives physician standards at St. Joseph’s Health Cardiovascular Institute is at work for our patients at Rome, monitoring and assessing the treatment of each individual to ensure superior quality of care and optimal outcomes.

Comprehensive care.

Access to the top cardiology specialists and physicians is right here at Rome. No need to delay seeking treatment to stave off the long drive. The Dorothy G. Griffin Cardiovascular Center houses cardiology, cardiac testing and pulmonary services under 1 roof. We’ve got your heart health covered.

Team approach.

Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be reviewed by an entire team of physicians, including experts from the region’s first Structural Heart Team. This type of collaboration provides comprehensive and coordinated treatment that keeps both care teams and patients informed and in sync throughout the healthcare journey.

The Best Technology Out There. Here.

We’re the only hospital in the region with a Bluetooth stethoscope. It uses up to 40x amplification to allow our clinicians to get a clearer, more accurate picture of each patient’s situation. Its wireless functionality enables specialists who are miles apart to visualize, record and analyze sounds. They also have the option to securely share data for a second opinion. We also offer other state-of-the-art diagnostic cardiac testing — including nuclear cardiology studies, CT angiograms, EKGs, Holter cardiac monitoring, cardiac stress testing and echocardiograms.

Image of a medical technician using a Bluetooth stethoscope to send key cardiac readings to a cardiologist at St. Joseph’s Health's Cardiovascular Institute to analyze.
Higher-Quality Care Means Higher-Quality Outcomes.

St. Joseph’s Health Cardiovascular Institute is 1 of only 8 hospitals in the nation to be named an American Heart Association Center of Excellence. In partnering with St. Joseph’s Health, Rome Health is able to detect cardiovascular health issues earlier, diagnose them more accurately and treat them in the most effective way possible. 

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Image of a cardiac surgery team from St. Joseph's Health Cardiovascular Institute performing surgery on a patient's heart.
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